Something New

The bad news is that nothing remains of any of the dragons I've previously blogged about. They've all been deleted with the rest of the slightly less grossly incomplete test genome dragons. The good news is that I'll be creating a new world where I'll be Doing a Shenanigan. That's the world name.

...Me being terrible aside, I have a number of fixes in place, notably the fix that makes this thing stop confusing creatures...

The fix that makes these mushrooms stop going extinct...

...And the thing that makes these things remember how to live.

I'll also be raising three Norns in the Marine Terrarium.

Why a Toxic Norn? Because I can. And I say 'three' because Mystery is actually a Grendel. I found him in the Jungle Terrarium. He seems friendly enough. Also, I just learned that creatures can eat man-o-wars, as evidenced by Stripe happily munching one. They all keep picking on Mystery. As the Wolfling Runner I am at heart, I plant some mushrooms and then leave the Norns to their own devices for a while. A fast-ticks hour and a half later, I come back to dead Toxic hybrids and dead Stripe. :(

Mystery is also still a child at 1 hour, 36 minutes of age. The elevator button has been hidden, and Magno the Magma Norn has been born. 40 fast-ticks minutes later, Magno is a youth, Mystery is still a child, and nobody died this time. Magno and Beach had a baby with a bit of encouragement from me, and we'll see if a Bengal male doesn't die this time.

The babies are now adolescents, and everyone except Cabbage and Beach dislike Mystery. Half an hour later, Peaches had a baby with her own father (Fluffy) while I was away and then twins with Stripey (Mister Gray and Wave) after a little encouragement. Also with some encouragement, Beach also had a baby with Stripey (Pixel). Notice the random Ettin I decided to drag in.

It was getting a little crowded, so I decided to remove the bacteria (those things can be stupidly overpowered) and link the four terrariums and the Norn Meso together using Offline Warp Portals, not that I expect them to be used. Mystery and the other gren.cff.temp.gen Grendel have been mercifully put to sleep, because they were both zombies. The babies become adolescents, Mister Gray is no longer gray, and I'm bored.


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