Testing a Genome

Goodbye, grossly incomplete test genome dragons.

...And hello, new tester dragons I just got from Lurhstaap! They're pretty. I've got three females: Ustais Rhidot, Xhizie Iavruz, and Euzrun Fugzix. One of them was actually an additional tester meant to look into some sort of faulty brain edit that was essentially preventing the player from releasing a Norn from CRC mind control, but it seems like that error wasn't actually present, so now we're stuck with one more female than intended. (I later learned that Lurhstaap was thinking of the wrong edit.) Edrefu Vrudot and Ezlize Unlivi are the two males. Besides the pretty colors, these five are already showing off noticeable differences from the last colony, happily devouring Bibobirds while flying around from birth unlike those other dragons, who might have naturally accessed their swimming and flying abilities for a small fraction of their lives if they were lucky.

Norngarden 1 was looking crowded, so I decided to move the dragons over to the Aquagarden. They started shivering, so I put them all in front of the heater, but they completely ignored it, content to munch on fish while freezing their scaly little butts off. So, I put them in Norngarden 2. Then, I messed around with some Envelopplants and decided to see what the dragons thought of seeds filled with delicious bugs. Half of them couldn't care less and the other half gobbled them up with a quick suggestion to 'eat seed'.

I sat back and watched the dragons going about their business, finding that Xhizie had been beating up Euzrun. Then, Ustais joined the party, and I have no idea where Edrefu went. Wait, I found him. He's ravaging a Bubblebee nest and having some Bibobirds for lunch.

Meanwhile, Ezlize hovers close to the ground, preferring Tribbles and Tomeckos over things that fly in the air. He takes a nap and then holds a screaming Bibobird in place for about thirty seconds and lets it go. As with the old colony, these dragons enjoy playing with critters equally as much as eating them.

Looks like Euzrun is the big bully of the group. The other females don't like her, and she doesn't like them, either. Let's see how she likes a time-out in the Eggernator. With only her prey to keep her company. At the bottom of the ocean. Just like the murderous clown. Also, I just noticed that there's no near-death music! CFFs always have screwy long-term nutrition storage, but not these dragons, apparently.

Fast forward to an hour later and Ustais and Ezlize hecked in the hub and had babies. Ustais then proceeded to die. :( Then, Ezlize hecked with Xhizie and they had more babies, also in the hub. All four babies have been girls so far. Two from Xhizie, and two from Ustais. It is at this point that I put everyone in NG2 because they love to hang out where there's not enough food. I also remove Euzrun from time-out. Euzrun immediately proceeds to have three children with Ezlize, who seems to be getting all the girls and winning the baby-making competition, seven to zero. Fraden Piodve, one of Ustais' babies, dies at around thirty minutes old. He probably starved or something. I don't know. I'm just letting them wolf now.

Once again, the Rubbadubbatrees flower and nobody cares. Also, Agruto is pretty. Like the previous population, there is little to no exploration happening. Just a whole lot of clumping and ferocious hecking in NG2. Agruto Advive and Ifteno Aisnut are the only ones who have left it. And yes, I did copy-paste the name list for Troll Protective Tub. Don't judge me. Euzrun has had the most babies out of all the females so far at five. Edrefu still hasn't had any babies. I see hot half-brother on half-sister action in the near future. Edrefu finally has a single baby and it's with Iagguk, who happens to be his rival (Ezlize)'s daughter.

Look at these green babies. Identical twins, judging by the fact that the game thinks little Xhoteu Monkoz doesn't have any mutations. Then, computer shenanigans happened and I thought I screwed the world back into the old Wolfling Run from a few days ago, but I didn't. Everything is fine.

The dragons continue having a gigantic kisspop orgy and oh look a bunch of canon names. I think this is a good time to end this little 'report', if you will.


  1. When they're older the nutrition stuff becomes more of an issue. Still tweaking that.

    Seeds and fruit give them extremely low nutrition and they have no instincts telling them those are edible. So any interest you see in seeds or fruit is 100% individual/personality and is learned.

    I'm having a lot of trouble with the breeding issue. For a long time, they hardly bred at all, which suited me in terms of them not overflowing worlds with eggs, but it was almost impossible to establish any sort of wolfable colony because I essentially had to be there to encourage them to breed to ensure they'd produce enough eggs to reproduce their losses (especially given I've put them in a world with aquatic grendels and usually do not turn off bacteria). So I tried to make them more fertile and hella overcorrected. Some of the problems have been around for a while though like that short infertile period and the ubershort pregnancy. Any ideas about how to fix both of those without making them go back to being total prudes would be welcome!

    And yes, they are violent SOBs. Not murderous, usually, and they're highly resistant to pain compared to most Norns, which is why they often dislike each other but only rarely hate each other and still develop love in some cases despite all the hitting that goes on. But they should generally be able to defend themselves against grendel attacks (there will still be losses but at least it's a more even contest now). Basically, what I've found is that it's hard to make a Norn that's nice to other Norns all the time and yet can still fight Grendels if needed. Every anti-Grendel edit I've ever made has also incidentally lead to a more violent personality in general.

    Incidentally, here's the deal with the edit. It's something I'm still tinkering with, and so far it seems to have some positive effects - that's something I'm hoping you'll notice, actually. Let me know if they seem different (in good or bad ways) from normal Norns, other than the non-brain-related obvious edits like being carnivorous and stuff. But the one major bad side effect I haven't been able to get rid of is the CRC thing. You can use it to watch their thoughts but giving them a command has bad results.

  2. These dragons are such cuties. I love the images in the post :D


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