New Life

The good news is that the dragon population no longer consists of infertile old farts who happen to be immortal as long as they take care of themselves. The bad news is that all the dragons are gone. Well, all except a few.

There has been no fiddling. This is actually what the name generator decided to do. We'll call them the Canon Trio. Little Pyrope has a crush, even at this young age. He's practically glued to Nitram. Wait, now he's playing with the door and the unremarkable non-canons have joined the party.

I put them all underwater near the heater, upon which Akseum and Eagtih went their own ways, and Pyrope and Nitram made out in the corner and possibly took a nap together. Maryam didn't want any of the others' crap and frantically scrambled against the glass in what could be interpreted as an attempt to escape. A little while in Fast Ticks later, Eagtih is suddenly an adult and everyone is having some kind of blackrom hate-date. Pyrope seems to have grown out of his affections and could care less for Nitram.

Also, Akseum has a man crush on Pyrope, who is currently Norn hecking with Maryam.

Pyrope decided to stop hecking Maryam and start hecking Nitram and oh look they had a baby.

Two babies, actually. This is a litter world.

Nitram has successfully pooped a bunch of eggs start the next generation. Pyrope is really pretty, but I won't show him off for now because this post is already cluttered enough.


  1. Pffffhahah this is the best PT name list and your writing style is as amusing as ever <3


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