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Does anyone remember The DS Randomness Blog? No? Good. Let's agree to never speak of it again. Anyway, I've got this little world called the Garden of Dragons in a little game called Creatures Docking Station.

Except for pigments and gender differences, every creature in this Norngarden 1 and 2 setup looks identical. You can see why I decided to call it the Garden of Dragons. The two pictured here, Allora and a male clone of herself, are still kicking after seventeen hours and somehow not zombies despite the fact that all their organs are dead. I go over to the injector and whoops my game crashed.

Whoops there's the Aquagarden and a Homestuck autonamer.

Allor is now Advive Eunzur, and her clone is now Odveze Zhikuz. After putting those two in the Aquagarden, Advive went and jumped off a cliff, right into the ocean. Odveze decided to stay on land. For the pair who spawned the entire Wolfling Run, these two don't like each other very much. They were slapping each other in the pond. And while we're on the topic of Wolfling Runs, I feel like I should oh god it's Alkugi Freakin' Egrole. Odveze sees her and promptly leaves the room, while Advive takes the lift back up to the surface.  Alkugi and Advieve rest together for exactly one second before Advive runs away from her. Alkugi then proceeds to perform some kind of acrobatic pirouette off the handle and into the ocean. A bunch of stuff happens while I'm typing and then Advive is beating up some poor male.

The newly introduced Anvuki Creenu hangs out with Alkugi while Advive messes around on the cold ocean floor like the grumpy old bag she is. Then, Alkugi falls off a cliff again while she's trying to eat some fish. I inject Heat Transfer in Water and put a Heater agent under the weird cave thing everyone loves to fall off of. Alkugi plays with the elevator for a moment and a half. I decide to put these two near the Heater. They take turns napping and manage to not have a slap-fight. Let's see where Odveze went, shall we?

They're in the hub, also known as that one really crowded place that used to be full of bugs, pests, and critters, but is now facing a severe shortage of them. Is that a proclamation of blackrom hatred I see? No, these Norns just platonically hate each other's guts because they're six Creatures who have probably spent several hours in here and don't know what a door is. Pogzim is that one oddball who somehow doesn't hate all the others. Correction: Seven Creatures. Two left and three entered. Do the math. But then one of them leaves, and five of the remaining six crowd around the door to Norngarden 1.

Then there are seven again and all seven of them are pacing next to the door, repeatedly shouting their dislike and hate for each other and sometimes slapping. Now eight. I think we can agree that this is stupid. Let's move on.

I glance at Norngarden 1 and find this random Norn resting at the top of an elevator shaft. At some point, he makes his way up to the main room. Fifteen in-game minutes in Fast Ticks later, Luktem is dead and I have no idea why because I was too busy staring at her corpse to get the Hoverdoc in time.

Also, the Rubbadubbatrees flowered and the only ones enjoying its fruits are the bugs living in them, who will serve to thicken the already unholy Rubbadubbatree forest.

And with that, I think now is a good time to end this post. Bye for now.


  1. Are those my dragon norns? I've never seen them get to 17 hours before, if so - that'd be a new record. But if they are mine I can explain exactly why they've survived that long. They're designed to live as long as I could possibly get them to. The Life chemical has an absurdly long half-life in them and I've made many other changes. Granted they typically die before their organs get to be in quite THAT bad condition, but still, 14 hours was the previous max lifetime I knew of, so 17 isn't that much further out.

    If it's another breed that happens to use the same sprites, I can't be sure, but it's PROBABLY something similar.

    1. They're your dragon Norns. They're doing really well, and the original two are actually still alive. They're 25 hours old now. I counted seven Norns in the population that are over 20 hours old, and they're still normal. The most the organ damage is affecting them is a stuck pregnancy from a dead uterus.

  2. This might be my new favorite thing.


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