Savvy's Guide to Neon Creatures

Today, I'll be showing you how to make neons, because I've wanted to figure it out for at least a year, probably more, and I learned how last night.

...What? No. Get that crap outta here.

I'm talking about THESE THINGS. These psychedelic rainbows. Some look more unholy than others.

Alright, you know how a standard creature has all these pigment bleed genes? The first three show at birth, while the remaining six appear at adolescence, and a different set activates for each gender. Set those to activate at birth (Embryo) for both genders. Then, pick a slider and set it to zero for all nine genes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but either one will do, just as long as all nine genes have it set to zero. I've found that setting them both to zero generally makes everything so much worse, so do that if you want maximum eye-bleeding. It kind of messes with the way pigments work, so don't be afraid to experiment with that.

Simple, right? If you didn't miss any genes, you …

Something New

The bad news is that nothing remains of any of the dragons I've previously blogged about. They've all been deleted with the rest of the slightly less grossly incomplete test genome dragons. The good news is that I'll be creating a new world where I'll be Doing a Shenanigan. That's the world name.

...Me being terrible aside, I have a number of fixes in place, notably the fix that makes this thing stop confusing creatures...

The fix that makes these mushrooms stop going extinct...

...And the thing that makes these things remember how to live.

I'll also be raising three Norns in the Marine Terrarium.

Why a Toxic Norn? Because I can. And I say 'three' because Mystery is actually a Grendel. I found him in the Jungle Terrarium. He seems friendly enough. Also, I just learned that creatures can eat man-o-wars, as evidenced by Stripe happily munching one. They all keep picking on Mystery. As the Wolfling Runner I am at heart, I plant some mushrooms and then leav…

Testing a Genome

Goodbye, grossly incomplete test genome dragons.

...And hello, new tester dragons I just got from Lurhstaap! They're pretty. I've got three females: Ustais Rhidot, Xhizie Iavruz, and Euzrun Fugzix. One of them was actually an additional tester meant to look into some sort of faulty brain edit that was essentially preventing the player from releasing a Norn from CRC mind control, but it seems like that error wasn't actually present, so now we're stuck with one more female than intended. (I later learned that Lurhstaap was thinking of the wrong edit.) Edrefu Vrudot and Ezlize Unlivi are the two males. Besides the pretty colors, these five are already showing off noticeable differences from the last colony, happily devouring Bibobirds while flying around from birth unlike those other dragons, who might have naturally accessed their swimming and flying abilities for a small fraction of their lives if they were lucky.

Norngarden 1 was looking crowded, so I decided to move …

New Life

The good news is that the dragon population no longer consists of infertile old farts who happen to be immortal as long as they take care of themselves. The bad news is that all the dragons are gone. Well, all except a few.

There has been no fiddling. This is actually what the name generator decided to do. We'll call them the Canon Trio. Little Pyrope has a crush, even at this young age. He's practically glued to Nitram. Wait, now he's playing with the door and the unremarkable non-canons have joined the party.

I put them all underwater near the heater, upon which Akseum and Eagtih went their own ways, and Pyrope and Nitram made out in the corner and possibly took a nap together. Maryam didn't want any of the others' crap and frantically scrambled against the glass in what could be interpreted as an attempt to escape. A little while in Fast Ticks later, Eagtih is suddenly an adult and everyone is having some kind of blackrom hate-date. Pyrope seems to have grown ou…

New Blog, New Worlds

Does anyone remember The DS Randomness Blog? No? Good. Let's agree to never speak of it again. Anyway, I've got this little world called the Garden of Dragons in a little game called Creatures Docking Station.

Except for pigments and gender differences, every creature in this Norngarden 1 and 2 setup looks identical. You can see why I decided to call it the Garden of Dragons. The two pictured here, Allora and a male clone of herself, are still kicking after seventeen hours and somehow not zombies despite the fact that all their organs are dead. I go over to the injector and whoops my game crashed.

Whoops there's the Aquagarden and a Homestuck autonamer.

Allor is now Advive Eunzur, and her clone is now Odveze Zhikuz. After putting those two in the Aquagarden, Advive went and jumped off a cliff, right into the ocean. Odveze decided to stay on land. For the pair who spawned the entire Wolfling Run, these two don't like each other very much. They were slapping each other i…